Sofia Isabel Kavlin

A poem about discovering our parents’ unlikely victories.

In his world, he held power,
Gently cupped between two hands.

He developed a system of sounds so unique,
Stemming from onomatopoeia,
From monosyllables and meaningful hums,
That only mycelium seemed to understand.

He explored the farthest edges of the mind,
Articulating the present,
Under moonless nights,
He conversed with the jungle,

A poem about pervasive thoughts.

It’s impossible to get the waiter’s attention.

While I wait,
I watch the different textures,
Patterns, red lips, head-scarfs, and silky-summer-dresses,
Wrapped around Tania, Carmen, Umma, Magdalena’s body.

Or whatever her name was.

ordering artichoke salad instead of lobster bisque because…

The waistline.

That hungry ghost who won’t let…

Bed time routine with intention.

  1. Bid the last sun rays farewell from your open window.
  2. Gaze down at the the passerby's on their way back home. Embrace the smallness of your existence and laugh at your concerns.
  3. Acknowledge your small ecosystem: living-room succulent, table-top spider and pantry ant.
  4. Splash water on your face and cleanse the frown off your forehead.
  5. Brush away the judgement with a mint-flavored toothpaste, make space for a genuine smile.
  6. Stop by that forgotten hallway painting, notice a detail that you had never seen before.
  7. Send a thoughtful message. Tell someone you care before leaving your phone for the night.
  8. Step into your room, thoughts at the door where your shoes belong.
  9. Undress with consciousness, drop the mask on the ground and crawl in bed bare.
  10. Lights off and your racing mind along with it.

Using game methods to translate city plans into actionable steps for citizens.

In our globalized and urban world, cities have a unique role and responsibility to ensure that people and nature alike can thrive.

However, when thinking about this monumental undertaking, we turn to city governments to develop and execute a vision of the future. As cities take cautious steps to launch their post-covid economic recovery plans, securing community engagement will be critical to achieving important global targets set out by the SDGs and…

Sofia Isabel Kavlin

walking through space-time continuum 🌎 | website:

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